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Election Year

It’s an election year, so I get to read another batch of: referenced, paraphrased, alluded to, thinly veiled and outright plagiarized, rubbish.  As if it weren’t bad enough, the plagiarized material is often featured in the wrong context. (Do you understand? “journalists” are stealing material, passing it off as their own and still getting it wrong!)

My friends, people I normally think of as “almost literate” are sucked in by this sea of ‘wit’. Wit used to be something you aspired to, not copied off a bumper sticker. If I hear one more: “We used to be great, now we’re shit!” diatribe I’m going to vomit.  I’ve heard them for years. Over two thousand, come to think of it. The first one of these “gems” I’m familiar with, was in the fifth century BC ( and yes, I’m acquainted with the b.e. monicker ) Herrodetus. After that, I seem to remember Galileo saying something similar. The list goes on.

Here’s my suggestion for this election year:read. Educate yourself. Maybe in four years you’ll actually have read some of those books. You know, the ones you’ve claimed you’d read in college.